Insane Photos From The Days When The Preakness Was A Big Gross Frat Party

preakness infield party mud guy

Outside beverages were banned from the Preakness Stakes in 2009.

It ended an era where the debauchery in the infield was nearly as big as the actual horse race.

The infield used to be insane — filled with flying beers, mud, boobs, and a whole lot of drunk people.

We can’t tell if these photos from the pre-2009 Preakness are terrifying or awesome.

Running across the porta pottys while people threw beer at you was the favourite pastime.

Potentially painful.

You could bring in whatever alcohol you wanted.

A fan flashes the crowd.

A drunk man is helped past a mud pit.

A guy dives face-first into the mud.

Fans relax in an inflatable pool.

Beer-throwing wasn't limited to porta potty runners.

He loves it.

Fans come with full coolers. Now you can't even bring in water.

Inflatable pools were a thing.

There were elaborate beer bongs.

Some industrial strength.

Slip 'n' Slides were utilized.

Lots of wasted beer.

Utter carnage.

Things got really out of control.

Fans shotgun beers.

One case per person.

Some didn't make it to race time.

Catching some zzz's.


Off-colour shirts, which we imagine haven't gone away.

Things have gotten much better. There was only 1 arrest last year.

That was gross. Cleanse your palate with this...

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