Innovation Isn't Over In Smartphones, As Companies Compete To Build Great, Mass-Market Cheap Devices

Is the smartphone market dead in the water? The flood of inexpensive smartphones rushing into consumer hands globally is relentlessly pushing down their average price. Observers whine that the smartphone market has become “commoditized,” a slugfest over cost between copycat handsets loaded with near-identical features.

Innovation in one sense will slow down, as exciting, new smartphone features become few and far between. Instead, innovation will come from manufacturers incorporating premium smartphone capabilities into low-cost and mid-range handsets. This too will require talent and creative thinking, as manufacturers experiment to build premium hardware for a lower price — without giving up on profits.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we explain why the smartphone market is still dynamic and growing in the solid double-digits, as consumers around the world enter the smartphone market for the first time. We break down where future growth will come from, and explain our reasons for forecasting that the average selling price of handsets will approach $US150 in four years.

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Here are some of the key facts:

In full, the report:

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