'Innocence Of Muslims' Filmmaker Is Heading To Federal Prison

nakoula innocence of muslimsMark Bassely Youssef

Photo: screenshot via NBC News video

The man responsible for an anti-Muslim film that was once blamed for terrorist attacks is going to be spending a year behind bars.Mark Bassely Youssef, who’s known by a myriad of aliases, was arrested in September on charges of probation violation.

He was convicted in 2010 of bank fraud and was ordered not to own or use devices with access to the Internet, a condition prosecutors believe he violated when he uploaded his movie to the Internet.

Youssef admitted in open court Wednesday that he had violated his probation and was immediately sentenced to one year in federal prison, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Youssef is also facing a lawsuit from from actress Cindy Lee Garcia who starred in his film but says she had no idea she was making an anti-Muslim movie.

“The one thing he wanted me to tell all of you is President Obama may have gotten Osama bin Laden, but he didn’t kill the ideology,” Youssef’s lawyers told reporters after the sentencing.

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