The First Big Economic Datapoints Of The Week Are Coming Up Today

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Photo: Flickr / Mikey Angels

It’s funny how the news undulates and changes theme from week to week.Last week was all about US domestic data, and this week has all been about Eurozone stuff. There hasn’t been any US data of note out this week.

Finally we get two key datapoints.

Calculated Risk has the numbers:

• The initial weekly unemployment claims report will be released at 8:30 AM ET. The consensus is for a slight increase to 366,000 from 365,000 last week.

• Also at 8:30 AM, the trade balance report for March will be released. The consensus is for the U.S. trade deficit to increase to $49.5 billion in March, up from from $46.0 billion in February.

Both are key. If we can get another improvement in initial claims, that might go along way to showing that the economy is hanging in there.

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