Ingogo wants to fight Uber in Australia with fixed-fare taxis

Hamish Petrie, founder of taxi app ingogo.

Australian taxi payments service ingogo has completely thrown away the old meter and shifting its payments to a fixed-fare booking.

From today, taxis booked through the app will charge the fixed fare, making it the first service in Australia to do so.

When customers go into the app they will be asked to enter their destination before a fare will pop up. Once they accept the price, a taxi will be booked and dispatched to pick them up.

The fare is calculated by combining the distance between locations and the time it’s expected to take, taking into account traffic conditions and tolls. There are no extra costs such as surge pricing.

The company says it removes doubts for consumers about their fares and eliminates the worry that cab drivers will take longer routes for a larger fare.

Jeff Lim, ingogo Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Customers are at times uncomfortable with taxis, some hire cars and rideshares for a number of reasons. They’re not sure of the final price before they get in, or are concerned that a driver will take a less-than-optimal route to get the passenger to their destination.”

The updated app is rolling out today across mobile devices.

“Our intention is to keep taxi drivers competitive, both in terms of service and pricing transparency. That way, everybody wins,” Ingogo CEO, Hamish Petrie added.

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