Outlandish InfoWars chart attempts to classify media outlets by how 'tyrannical' or 'independent' they are

InfoWars, the popular site slinging right-wing conspiracy theories and diet supplements, created a visual chart to inform readers of news sites that “actually promote liberty and freedom.”

Though major media publications were ranked on the y-axis from “independent” to state-run corporate/foreign influences,” and on the x-axis from “tyranny” to “freedom,” there wasn’t much logic to the placements.

Russia Today and Sputnik, Russian state-run media outlets which defends autocratic Russian President Vladimir Putin, qualified as much greater promoters of “freedom” than non-profit news wire services like the Associated Press.

Unsurprisingly, a number of right-wing media organisations appeared more favourable in the freedom-loving, independent matrix.

Here’s the chart:

InfowarsInfowarsInfoWars chart.

Journalists from many publications quickly mocked it:

Though long a platform for fringe conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Sandy Hook shooting, the site has gained prominence as Donald Trump, who appeared for an interview on the site in 2015, ascended to the presidency.

Agunman who entered a Washington D.C. pizzeria earlier this month made headlines when he cited an Infowars article pushing an unfounded conspiracy theory that the pizzeria was a front for a secret sex ring with ties to top Democratic party officials.

The story quickly became a political issue when Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Trump’s incoming national security advisor and a former member of the presidential transition team, refused to dismiss the conspiracy theory.

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