INFOGRAPHIC: This Handy Guide Takes The Confusion Out Of Tipping When Travelling

A waitress serves coffees in Berlin. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Knowing whether it’s appropriate or not to tip in particular countries can be confusing.

In some US hotels if you fail to to provide a gratuity you may get a subtle reminder from the staff, while tipping your waiter in Argentina might just get you locked up – it’s illegal.

Tipping differs by country and doesn’t always depend on service quality or experience.

Travel search site Wego has constructed an easy-to-follow infographic revealing where and when to tip when travelling.

While restaurants are where you’d typically expect to leave a tip, some countries expect it in other areas of service too.

Luggage porters sometimes count on tips from customers, while rounding up your taxi fare in most countries (except for New Zealand and Chile) is a common practice.

“It’s wise to be aware of the tipping customs in each place you visit to avoid uncomfortable situations, ensure a smooth trip and avoid paying too much which is quite often the result,” Wego Chief Marketing Officer Joachim Holte said.

“In Argentina for example, tipping is actually illegal, however, waiters often expect to be tipped by foreigners so if you were to tip, discretion is advised.

“In the US, low wage earners in the service industry are reliant on tipping to balance out their income, yet in Romania, tips are often declined and in Japan, tipping is considered offensive.”

Check out the infographic below.

Wego Infographic – Tipping.

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