Infographic: The Tablet Takeover

Since the iPad launch of 2010, people have fallen into 3 categories

  1. Those who buy tablets because they want or need them
  2. Those who don’t buy tablets because they don’t want or need them
  3. Those who don’t buy tablets because of one or more barriers preventing them from doing so

It’s this third group that is the target of every tablet maker. Tearing down the barriers is their key to success. For some, it’s price. Now Google, Apple, and everyone else is looking at the success of the Kindle Fire and looking for a way to duplicate the model.

There has been a question about functionality and power, but the latest generation of tablets are often more powerful than laptops from just a few years ago and more are going to be powered by quad-core processors in 2012.

Too big? There are small ones now. Too small? They’re getting bigger, too.

Everything that’s stopping those who want one but won’t buy one is quickly fading away and sales are shooting up as a result. Tablets are taking over. That much is clear.

Website providers and marketers are recommending tablet-friendly versions of sites that often fall somewhere between traditional website design and mobile websites that are really made for smartphones.

Anyone who has walked through an aeroplane or any other form of public transportation has seen the newspaper, magazine, and book replaced by tablets and smartphones. Computers are being redefined as our uses of mobile devices expands.

This infographic by Litmus fleshes out the growth of tablet-adoption and gives us a clear path towards a (near) future where tablets and smartphones are used as often or more often than desktops and laptops. It’s simply a natural transition.

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Tablet Takeover

(H/T: La Canada Audi.)