INFOGRAPHIC: The Cost Of Living Like Don Draper Today

How much would it cost to live the way Don Draper does on “Mad Men” circa 1962? Credit Sesame ran the numbers and unsurprisingly, it’d be insanely expensive. 

When adjusted for inflation, the $15,300 price tag on Draper’s Westchester, N.Y. abode jumps to $117,161.30; today, the same home is valued at $363,000. (How much would you bet it’s underwater?)

To no one’s surprise, car and travel costs appear to have shot up the most in 60 years: Back in the day, Don’s Coup De Ville cost $5,385; today it starts at $38,715. 

Take a trip back in time with the graphic below: 

Mad Men infographic, Don Draper, inflation

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