INFOGRAPHIC: The Business Of Obesity

According to a 2010 study, direct obesity related medical expenses in America are $160 billion per year. The estimated indirect costs? $450 billion.   Why does obesity cost our economy?   Extra costs for food, larger clothing, and weight loss programs.  Costs for diabetes and other obesity related medications as well as increased visits to the doctor.  Obesity also contributes to missed work, decreased worker productivity and short-term disability expenses – all liabilities for businesses.   And collectively as a nation, obesity actually leads to an increase in energy consumption (fuel and electricity).  

Obesity Infographic

  [Graphic via BusinessPundit]   Here are some more interesting economic facts related to obesity in America.   – Airlines use an estimated 350 million additional gallons of fuel to handle excess weight in passengers – Americans burn through 938 million extra gallons of gas/year due to obesity. This costs an extra $4 billion. – Obesity costs the average man an extra $2,646 per year and the average woman an extra $4,879 on average – Obese people are paid close to $3.50 less than their healthier counterparts.   – Obese women are paid 11% less than their healthy counterparts – The size of our clothing keeps getting bigger – Seats are currently being widened by 2.2 inches on New Jersey Transit – Americans spend $61 billion per year on dieting alone – Almost half of Americans (41%) are expected to be obese by 2030

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