INFOGRAPHIC: The $10 Trillion Business Of The Black Market

Did you know that the black market existed in a $10 trillion capacity?

Neither did I, up until recent studies broke out, pushing to expose the underbelly of capitalism. As the world’s fastest growing economy, the black market has “shadow entrepreneurs” making huge bank, off the record.

Not surprisingly, the leading force in profits of the black market worldwide is brought on by drug trafficking.

This Infographic breaks down the industry known to all as the black market.

A few noteworthy points:

50% of the world’s working population is employed in the black market, meaning over 1.8 billion jobs.

Illegal gambling in Asia has a net worth of $500 billion, where as legal gambling worldwide has a net worth of $335 billion.

If the black market was a sovereign nation, it would be the world’s second largest economic superpower.

Black Market

Created by: Business Degree

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