INFOGRAPHIC: NRL Tattoos Have Been Explained

Tattoos have increasingly become part of the Australian identity.

Branded with the Southern Cross, boxing kangaroo or the Australian flag, whether we like it or not, for many Aussies getting inked is a rite of passage to adulthood.

In fact according to McCrindle research, published in 2013, 12% of us admit to having at least one.

This trend of self-expression is particularly prominent on the NRL field, where some players appear to be ink from head to toe.

NRL personalities such as Matt Cooper, Todd Carney and Mat Rogers are classic examples.

Sportsbet has had a bit of fun with this idea and created an infographic to easily explain the regions NRL players get tattoo and the probability of what it will be according to where it is.


Despite the popularity McCrindle has found, tattooed or not, 3 in 4 of all Australians would discourage their adult children from getting a tattoo with only 1 in 20 encouraging it.

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