This Infographic Shows How Awful The Past Two Weeks Have Been For Mitt Romney

This infographic, from the targeted-advertising firm Taykey, shows how significant the past few weeks have been in this campaign. 

Taykey monitored 50,000 sources to look at both the volume and the sentiment of discussion of the two candidates, during a period in which both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions took place.

Here are the takeaways from the infographic: 

  • There is a lot more conversation about President Obama than his opponent.
  • During the RNC, Romney overtook Obama on positive sentiment. 
  • Sentiment for Romney peaked right before his speech — and crashed during it. 
  • Bill Clinton’s speech led to a huge spike in positive discussion about Obama. 
  • Volume during the Clinton and Obama addresses was almost off the charts, four times higher than Romney’s peak. 
  • The DNC helped Obama much more than the RNC helped Romney, at least in the short term. 
taykey infographic election twitter

Photo: Taykey

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