Facebook is shaking up its product team in a big way -- this chart shows you exactly who's running what

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Facebook is getting a shake-up.

On Wednesday, the news broke that the social network is re-organising the executives that oversee its suite of apps and products, and a source familiar with the matter confirmed the details to Business Insider. (Recode first reported the news.)

There are now three key product areas, led by lieutenants reporting directly to CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Family of apps, led by chief product officer Chris Cox;New platforms and infrastructure, led by CTO Mike Schroepfer; and Central product services, led by VP of growth Javier Olivan.

The change brings new leadership to services like WhatsApp and Instagram. The latter’s old head, Jan Koum, recently left Facebook, and former Messenger boss David Marcus is now leading a newly announced blockchain team.

The re-organisation comes after a bruising year for Facebook. The company has been battered by headlines about its misuse in the spread of Russian propaganda and disinformation, and more recently, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has ignited fears over security and data privacy.

The source claimed the changes are not in response to any specific event, and that nobody left the company as a result of the reorganization.

Check out the infographic below to see how Facebook’s product team looks post-restructuring. Note that this isn’t a comprehensive organizational chart: Facebook execs may have direct reports not mentioned, and the chart only encompasses the product side of the company (the sales and business side, for instance, is not part of the reorg). If you’re trying to understand who leads which products at the company though, this is how Facebook looks today:

Facebooks new product teamsSamantha Lee/Business Insider

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