INFOGRAPHIC: Do Celebrities Get More Business With Twitter?

Stars in the professional sports, music, and television industry boast a gargantuan following on Twitter. Their offline fame has allowed them to gather millions of followers eager to see what they punch into 140 characters. News outlets stay abreast of what the occupants of Twitter’s Mount Olympus tweet daily. Have their professional brands catapulted due to their performances on Twitter prime time? It certainly allows them to capture more publicity each time somebody like Justin Bieber tells people to call a fake phone number for the opportunity to speak to him; or when Rihanna posts racy bikini photos of herself vacationing in the tropics. Does it help them sell more records, attract more viewers, or sign more million-dollar contracts? Or would they have attained the same level of publicity and business success without Twitter? Please reply in the comments section; and take a look at the following infographic, which breaks down each of the celebrities with the most Twitter followers.

A Look at Celeb Twitter Followers (Infographic)


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