INFOGRAPHIC: Childbirth And Self-Esteem

As soon as a woman finds out she is pregnant, she begins to make decisions. Who she will tell, when she will begin to buy maternity clothes, how will she decorate the nursery, and how to feed. 

Regardless if a woman should choose a natural childbirth over a medicated one, it’s never an easy process. Of those women who chose not to experience natural childbirth, some report feeling a sense of guilt or of missing out on something—a sense of empowerment and satisfaction, and during her labour, it offers her the ability to be in constant communication with her healthcare providers and her partner. Being able to help manage the mother’s pain may help her partner feel more involved, as they play a pivotal role during the labour, and going without pain meds also helps the mother feel closer to her newborn as she is not impaired due to medication, and can give her baby her full attention.

Whether a woman chooses an at home birth or one in a birthing centre, she has a choice of many competent healthcare providers. She may choose a registered or certified nurse, or a midwife. Doulas are also a popular choice amongst mothers going the natural childbirth route. Doulas are professional trained providers of labour support and postpartum care, who are trained to pay close attention to the needs of the mother.

The infographic below focuses on the latter part of the birthing process; edifying a mother’s self-esteem is crucial for motivation.

Infographic provided by SpaSeekers’ Spa Days.

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