INFOGRAPHIC: Aircraft Carriers Do A Whole Lot More Than You Ever Thought

Quick! Guess how much fresh water an Aircraft carrier can make in a day. The answer is down the page. 

Huntington Ingalls, the shipbuilding powerhouse behind many of the Navy’s newest investments, just put out an infographic explaining some of the additional humanitarian benefits of aircraft carriers, emphasising the versatility of what are essentially very large, highly equipped moving sea-bases.

From a certain point of view, they’re also floating, mobile hospitals. 

Huntington is building both the new Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers — the most expensive weapon ever developed — as well as the brand new America-class of amphibious assault ships, which will serve a similar purpose at a cheaper price.

The infographic details the capabilities of nuclear aircraft carriers when it comes to being mobile disaster relief bases. Plus, it also give some wild stats about some of the day-to-day abilities of the most expensive weapons in the world. 

Answer: An aircraft carrier’s desalinators can make 400,000 gallons of freshwater per day.   


Photo: Huntington Ingalls


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