INFOGRAPHIC: A Startling Look At The Greek Debt Crisis

ForexNewsNow – Sometimes it’s hard to conceive what the sovereign debt of a country represents, specifically when it comes to a country in very bad economic shape such as Greece.

As we showed in our last infographic (click here to view also published here), the EU debt crisis can be explained by many different factors. But how can someone have a frame of reference for what a sum like €357 billion is equal to?

In order to answer that question, ForexNewsNow has created the following graph that compares Greek debt to other noteworthy sums of money from Bill Gates’ estimated net worth to the cost of the US war on terror.

You’ll quickly understand that the Greek debt is more massive than what one could expect and that’s precisely why the troika is currently forcing the Papandreou government to keep on applying new austerity measures in order to cut the country’s plunging deficit.


Greek Debt Crisis Infographic Forex News Now


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