INFOGRAPHIC: 12 of the best company name changes


Sometimes, the name you picked at first just isn’t good enough. It’s too long, it doesn’t describe your service or business properly, or it just plain doesn’t fit.

Over the years, many of our favourite brands have decided a new name was just the thing to spruce up their image.

You’d be amazed at what some companies used to be called. Did you know that gaming giant Nintendo used to be called Marafuku Co. Ltd? Or that Google used to be called Backrub?

We feel as though we’ve known these brands forever, but in fact they’ve been around in different guises for much longer than you’d think. rounded up some of the most surprising name changes that famous brands have been through. You’ll probably be surprised at what they’ve found. It goes to show, a name change can be just the ticket for finding global success with your product or service.


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