Influential Highbrow Magazine Publisher: Asian Magazines Are Great, American Magazines Are "Sh#t"

tyler brule monocleTyler Brûlé, via Monocle.

Fashion Week Daily recently caught up with Monocle publisher Tyler Brûlé and asked him what magazines he admires.Germany’s Der Spiegel, he says, as well as some Asian pubs. And on that note, Brule, who also launched Wallpaper, has some advice for American publishers:

I would advise media executives who are scratching their heads in the U.S. to jump on a plane, or at least spend some time at an international newsstand. The newsstands in Korea and Japan are so much more diverse in terms of trim sizes, paper stocks, printing techniques, varnishes—you name it. Meanwhile, in London and New York, magazines are charging more for a product that’s inferior to what they were putting out 10 years ago! It’s amazing! You’re asking for more from your advertisers and readers, but your product is sh**!

Though he does like Bloomberg Businessweek.

[h/t I Want Media]

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