An Instagram influencer who documented her motorcycle crash says she wasn't glamorizing the accident and the posts weren't sponsored

Tiffany Mitchell / InstagramTiffany Mitchell.
  • Influencer Tiffany Mitchell posted 10 Instagram photos taken just after her motorcycle accident two weeks ago, according to Buzzfeed News.
  • She has since archived the post on Instagram because people were accusing her of glamorizing the accident, and even having it sponsored by SmartWater.
  • One person commented on the post “you had an accident and still u were taking photos” with an eye-rolling emoji. Another said “quit glamorizing accidents.”
  • Mitchell explained in an Instagram story it was never her intention to bring negative attention to the post, and she was simply grateful someone had documented the experience. “It was just a blur because of how intense it was,” she said.
  • Mitchell told INSIDER the experience was so meaningful for her because her partner passed away after a motorcycle accident three years ago.
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An Instagram influencer received a lot of negative attention after uploading photos that documented her motorcycle crash, eventually archiving the post when people accused her of glamorizing the accident, which they expected was sponsored by SmartWater.

Tiffany Mitchell has over 211,000 followers on Instagram. She shared the post two weeks ago, detailing an accident which “left her shaken and with minor scrapes,” according to Buzzfeed News.

In the now deleted post, Mitchell said she had her helmet on, but her left side had been scraped. The commentary accompanied 10 photos taken by her friend Lindsey Whiddon.

“I was in absolute shock laying on the side of the road,” she wrote. “Scroll through the pics to see how much of it Lindsey captured!”

She also said the experience was “unreal,” but she was resting and “feeling much better.”

Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell / Instagram

Many people commented on the photos wishing Mitchell well and expressing relief that she was OK. But there were also a lot of comments questioning the motives of the post, Buzzfeed reported.

For example, one person wrote “you had an accident and still u were taking photos” with an eye-rolling emoji. Another said “quit glamorizing accidents.”

Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell / Instagram

Some people even accused Mitchell of staging the accident, and suggested the post was sponsored by SmartWater as there was a branded water bottle in the frame.

“Who DOESN’T take arty photos in the midst of a motorcycle crash, amirite #smartwater #life,” one person wrote. “How are people commenting on this like it’s normal?”

Mitchell later explained what happened in an Instagram story.

“A lot of the comments on that post were wonderful and supportive and encouraging and beautiful, but I did start getting a few more negative comments questing why would you take photos during an accident,” she said. “People seemed very concerned about the motives and the reality of what happened.”

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She said her friends had been shooting photos all day, and there was no brand work done at all. She said Whiddon is always documenting what’s happening with a camera, which is why she took the photos after she knew Mitchell was OK.

“No photos were taken until everyone knew I was OK and I was resting,” she said. “I was laying there processing everything and I didn’t know Lindsey was taking photos.”

She added that someone brought her the water, and it didn’t matter what brand it was.

She also addressed some other concerns, and said she was wearing the appropriate clothing, including a helmet when she crashed. She said she wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t hurt badly because they were taking all the right safety precautions and driving very slowly, but she was in shock.

“It was a very emotional, intense moment for me,” she said. “It was just a blur because of how intense it was.”

Mitchell said she was grateful for the photos, because she appreciated having it documented.

“Everyone has the right to feel how they feel, that’s how I felt,” she said. “That’s why I shared them, that’s why I made that post and wrote about the experience. I wanted to share that moment with you guys.”

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After publication, Mitchell responded to INSIDER’s request for comment. She said she was very sad people thought the post was sponsored and staged.

She told INSIDER the reason the accident was so intense and important to her was because three years ago her partner Kappel passed away in a motorcycle accident.

“Anyone who has followed me on Instagram since then knows that I spent the majority of 2016-2017 walking through intense grief and sharing that journey through photos and captions,” she said. “It’s something the people who follow me understand the beauty and depth of, and when this happened and I ended up having photos to share, I wrote about the experience genuinely.”

She said she hopes people feeling any anger, hatred, and confusion about the post watch her stories to understand what really happened.

“I share about real things, always with the hope that some healing can happen inside myself or others who have gone through similar,” she said. “And overall, a lot of life has come from that which I am so grateful for.”

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