Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Singapore's Skyscraper Infinity Pool

marina bay sands

Photo: AP Images

After a long delay, Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Cotai Central report opened today in Macau. The casino-resort complex cost a whopping $4.4 billion to build.The place looks pretty remarkable. But the architecture doesn’t hold a candle to Adelson’s Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, which cost a reported $5.4 billion to construct and opened in 2010. At the time it, was the world’s most expensive standalone resort.

The best part of the Marina Bay Sands, which resembles a cruise ship perched atop three skyscrapers, is the SkyPark, an insane rooftop pleasure dome with a 150-meter infinity pool.

Enjoy the view from 55 stories up.

Imagine this as your regular morning swim.

Looks dangerous, right?

It's the swankiest pool in the world.

And a great spot for a photoshoot.

Image: AP

Here's what the place looked like when it was under construction. There were several delays.

The SkyPark is the world's largest cantilevered platform.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

It looks like a cruise ship perched on a skyscraper.

The hotel itself has more than 2,500 rooms and an art/science museum.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

We can't believe this deck is 650 feet above the ground, either.

It even looks fun in the rain.

The SkyPark has become a major tourist destination.

At night, it's a party.

The view of Singapore is breathtaking.

Here's the inside view. Don't book a room if you have a fear of heights.

Although once you get upstairs, it looks pretty serene.

Want more? Take a video tour:

Or watch some fire works over the infinity pool:

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