We got to try some of the most mouthwatering pastries ever posted to Instagram

Anyone who frequently gets lost scrolling through picture after mouthwatering picture of “food porn” on Instagram knows that there is a lot of talent among amateur bakers on social media.

On April 11th, the popular restaurant review website The Infatuation rallied that online talent, inviting those budding pastry chefs to compete in a real-life bake sale. Twenty-five amateur bakers were chosen from a pool of more than 1,500 entries using the hashtag #InfatuationBakeSale — Twitter, Facebook, and email entries were also accepted.

The Infatuation teamed up with Whole Foods Market to help those aspiring bakers to actually get their creations into stores. The winner of the bake sale will meet with the Whole Foods’ Local Forager, Elly Truesdell, to learn about what it takes to bring a product to market.

The contestants chosen to showcase their goods did not disappoint — there were some ingenious recipes like chocolate whiskey bombs, roasted banana chocolate chip muffins with espresso ice cream, mini olive oil cakes, fruity pebbles cookies, and many more delicious goods.

We stopped by to see what the next generation of great pastry chefs had cooked up.

As soon as we got inside, we were given an old-school fanny pack filled with all sorts of goodies. Each guests got eight tokens as currency, so my friend and I pooled our resources to try and test everything.

The bake sale was held at Canoe Studios in Manhattan. There were 24 vendors set up around the studios selling their sweets. Each baker was required to make a minimum of 250 pieces of their baked goods (and many stayed up all night to do so).

The Cereal Doughnuts from Sheri Silver were covered in Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Krispies, and Froot Loops.

The event sold out 500 tickets in just three days — and all the proceeds will go to the charity Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

The team from Infatuation also encouraged people to post pictures from the event using the hashtag#InfatuationBakeSale— it’s worth checking out for many more pictures of delicious baked goods.

The ladies from Buttah Lovers took home the Infatuation People’s Choice Award for their Peach Pie Doughnuts (and got lots of love for their “doughnut hate the player” aprons). All voting for the People’s Choice Award was done via Instagram.

These fruity pebbles cookies from The Kitchen of Alex were bizarre and wonderful.

There were baked peach doughnuts with a butter rum peach glaze sprinkled with pecan toffee crunch.

These Aztec chocolate pies topped off with popcorn were amazing.

There were way too many great choices.

Catherine Vo won the bake sale with her Azuki red bean and carob cupcakes.

They were topped off with a green tea coconut whipped cream frosting — and it was amazing.

There was a Bosco photo booth with plenty of fun baking themed props.

There were great sponsors for the event like Allegory Coffee Company, Deep Eddy Vodka, Organic Valley, Wine Awesomeness, and Brooklyn Brewery — who provided an open bar.

Suffice to say — it was a pretty great sugar high.

For more information on the all the amateur bakers,click here.

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