A top Indonesian cop posed for photos with the Bali 9 Australians they plan to execute

Andrew Chan in the photo with one of Indonesia’s leading policemen

Photos of condemned Bali 9 drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran with the Denpasar police chief has emerged on an Indonesian news site.

How the photo came into the hands of tribunnews.com remains unknown, but the ghoulish photos were taken during the duo’s last flight, to the island prison where they are due to be executed by firing squad.

While the prisoners are surrounded by balaclava- and helmet-clad Brimob paramilitary officers, the Denpasar senior police commissioner Djoko Hari Utomo looks like he’s meeting celebrities in the photos. One shows him smiling with his hand resting on the shoulders of Andrew Chan. His hand is also on a distressed-looking Sukumaran’s shoulder, in the second photo.

After the photos emerged, Djoko subsequently told Fairfax Media he didn’t know they were being taken and he was offering moral support to the Australians, urging them to “be tough, be strong, and keep going”.

“It was not a selfie moment,” the policeman said.

The tribunnews.com has four photos all up, including to of the pair being loaded onto the plane.

The images are also startling because heavy security was deployed to prevent the media taking photos at Nusakambanganon airport when they arrived.

Myuran Sukumaran

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