Indonesian president Joko Widodo is expected to restore military cooperation with Australia

Indonesian president Joko Widodo. Photo: Money Sharma/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo will visit Australia for the first time tomorrow.

While here he is expected to discuss the two countries’ defence alliance.

According to The Australian, Jokowi — as he is commonly known as — will flag joint Indonesian-Australian patrols of the South China Sea.

He says such operations are “very important,” as long as they did not raise tensions in the region.

An agreement to conduct joint patrols would be a huge win for the federal government, which has long sought closer defence co-operation with Indonesia.

Jokowi also suggested to The Australian that the suspension of military operations with Australia may be lifted following the meeting with Turnbull.

Last month Indonesia’s defence­ chief cut all military ties with Australia after a special forces group was allegedly insulted while training at the Australian Special Air Service in Perth.

Before flying home on Sunday, Widodo will meet with Turnbull and senior ministers, business leaders and Indonesian students, and the Governor-General.

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