Indonesia Has Released Schapelle Corby From Prison On Parole

Schapelle Corby is sentenced to prison in 2005 / Getty

Schapelle Corby has been granted parole after nearly a decade in Indonesia’s Kerobokan prison.

Corby was arrested in October 2004 while entering Bali’s Denpasar airport. Customs officials found 4.2kg of cannabis in her bodyboard bag.

She has served over nine years of a 15-year sentence and became eligible for parole in 2012.

Indonesian justice minister Amir Syamsuddin said this evening that Corby’s parole application had been processed with about 1,300 others.

The 36-year-old is expected to be released from Kerobokan prison shortly and serve parole in Bali until September 2017.

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