Indonesia has backflipped on Australian cattle imports because local prices were skyrocketing

Getty/ Dimas Ardian

As Indonesia’s beef prices spike, the country has issued import permit for another 50,000 Australian cattle.

With the cost of a kilogram of beef up about 40%, local butchers have gone on strike because their customers cannot afford it.

In response, Indonesia’s trade minister Rachmat Gobel issued the addition permit, on top of the initial 50,000 head of Australian cattle for the July to September quarter.

The initial permit issued last month shocked the Australian beef ­industry with an 80% cut to its live export quota.

The industry warned that quota — 70% smaller than the same period last year — would create the problems which are now presenting themselves.

The ABC reports that Rachmat has waived the standard requirement for the second 50,000 animals to be fattened in Indonesia for 120 days before slaughter, and that the state-owned logistics agency BULOG is to import cattle ready for slaughter.

However, the office of Australia’s agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce had not received confirmation from Indonesia about the volume and type of cattle.

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