A booming NYC fast-food chain just fixed the biggest limitation with Indian food in America

Indikitch, the New York City-based Chipotle-style Indian food chain that aims to bring Indian food to the masses, is rolling out some new products.

Indikitch’s existing menu is reflective of the different types of cuisine eaten across India. The menu consists of the following main courses:

  • Feast: Includes your choice of main sautéed in traditional sauce with sides of rice, dal, kachumbar, and naan. The meal is representative of North Indian cuisine.
  • Biryani: A saffron rice bowl with your choice of main sautéed in biryani sauce, pickled onions, and fenugreek leaves. The bowl is topped with crispyfried onions and includes both pineapple raita and peanut mirchi dressing. This dish is reflective of Mid-South Indian cuisine.
  • Dosa: A rice and lentil crêpe filled with your choice of main, sautéed with pickled onions, tawa masala spices, coconut & coriander pestos over romaine lettuce with coriander mayo. The meal represents South Indian cuisine.

While all of these meals are delicious, as Business Insider video producer Joe Avella noted, there’s a reason why Indikitch isn’t yet the next fast casual phenomenon. “Not only do we want it fast, but we want to eat it fast. While we drive, while we walk, while we work.” And you can’t do that with Indikitch’s existing menu.

“We took it to heart,” one of Indikitch’s principals, Deepak Amin, told Business Insider. “We said that’s a challenge.” Amin and his wife Dipali, who creates all of Indikitch’s dishes, spent six to seven months developing the new menu item, which can be eaten on the go.

Enter Indikitch’s newest creation, the Kati Roll, which is madly popular on the streets of Kolkata, India. The Koti Roll is made up of your choice of main rolled up in paratha, or flatbread-like crust, sauteéd in mint chutney, tandoori pesto, and pickled onions, and is the closest thing resembling a sandwich in India. An order will cost $9.19 plus tax, and includes two rolls.

In addition to the Kati Roll, Indikitch will also be rolling out Kulfi, or Indian ice cream, and grab and go snacks. The Kulfi will be available in Pista (pistachio and rosewater) and Malai (cooked milk, rosewater, and caradamon).

The Kati Roll, Kulfi, and grab and go snacks will debut at Indikitch’s Flat Iron location (25 W 23rd St) on August 3, and its Columbus Circle location (940 8th Ave) on August 4. The brand is also opening four new locations, three in Manhattan and one in New Jersey.

Stay tuned for Indikitch’s secret menu.

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