Indie Labels Want Nothing To Do With iCloud


Photo: Appolicious

According to Adrian Covert at Gizmodo, record label Numero Group wants nothing to do with iTunes Match.The $25 per year service is one that Apple announced as a means of pairing up the songs in your music library with iTunes versions stored in the cloud, regardless of how you acquired them.

From the label’s point of view, it legitimises piracy.

Numero Group released this statment on its website:

“We feel that a great risk is being taken by Apple and the major labels that have accepted the terms of this new product wholesale with not a thought beyond the 150M those so-called ‘big four’ will probably divide and pay to their top executives. By that, we mean that laws that protect compositions and copyrights for songs are, more or less, being trampled under these agreements.”

[Ars Technica via Gizmodo]

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