Be Good Because The Feds Will Use All Your Facebook Likes And Dislikes Against You In Court

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A recent indictment of American terror suspects revealed that the FBI considers Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ admissible as evidence.Mike Masnick of TechDirt reports that the FBI actually counted how many ‘Likes’ and what kind of media got those ‘Likes’ in their somewhat high-visibility indictment of a homegrown terror plot.

Here’s a screengrab of the part of the official statement which explains use of the social media:

facebook likes terrorists

Photo: via DocumentCloud

The FBI has expressed interest in monitoring social media, and so has the military. Then it comes as no surprise that this investigation started six months ago, shortly after the FBI posted a Social Media Monitoring Application request on

Masnick of TechDirt makes it seems like there’s an reliance on social media as evidence, but upon inspection of the indictment, it seems as if social media communications are logged no different than phone communications.

Whether the logged language is enough for a guilty verdict, well now that’s up to a jury of their peers to decide.

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