Colts Owner Gives Entire Super Bowl Trip To One Of His Twitter Followers

jim irsay indianapolis colts nfl

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is probably best known for including song quotes in conversation with astounding frequency, but his unique behaviour on Twitter may soon become his new trademark.

Last night Irsay tweeted “contest time, be ready” and said that whoever answered his question correctly first would win two Super Bowl tickets with airfare and hotel also covered.

Moments later Irsay asked, “Who was this former NFL player, who became a father at the same time I did?  Are U winning this thing and headin to Dallas?”

San Diego’s Bill Richardson delivered the correct answer, Robert Newhouse, and Irsay declared him the winner this morning.

Irsay doesn’t have any clear motivation for the contest, and we’re guessing he doesn’t really care about the bump in followers he’s sure to obtain.

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