There Is One Scenario Where The Peyton Manning Injury Is Ultimately Great For The Colts

Andrew Luck

The Colts were completely lost without Peyton Manning at the helm of the offence yesterday.

They lost to the Texans 34-7, and played so badly that Vegas dropped their odds to win the Super Bowl from 50-1 to 100-1 today.

But there is one scenario where this awful Peyton Manning injury turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Here it is:

  • Peyton Manning gets placed on injured reserve and misses the rest of the 2011 season
  • The Colts end up with a league-worst 3-13 record as Kerry Collins proves too old to play anymore
  • Manning announces he’ll be back in 2012
  • The Colts take Stanford QB and budding-superstar Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 Draft
  • Manning plays three more seasons, moulding Luck into a star a la the Favre-Rodgers situation in Green Bay a few years ago
  • Luck takes over and the Colts are good until 2025

It’s unlikely, but not completely out of the question.