Indiana Town Holds A Rally To Attract A Cleantech Cop Car Company

Are you a corporation in need of a new factory to build your wares? Are you looking to engender the good faith of the American people? Then, you are in luck. Small towns across the country are begging for you to set up shop in their town.

Today’s example: The citizens of Connersville, Indiana. These good people plan on holding a rally, with the governor in attendence, to get clean tech cop car startup, Carbon, to rennovate a factory there.

Carbon says it is trying to decide who will get blessed with 1,300 new factory jobs when it opens its $350 million facility. It’s between Connersville, Indiana, Greenville South Carolina and Aiken and Braselton, Georgia.

The only catch? According to The State, “Carbon officials have declined to discuss whether it has the financing for the project or name anyone who has placed advanced orders for more than 10,000 of its vehicles.

So, there it is. All you have to do is promise that maybe you can build a factory, and people will gather and beg you to come to town.

image: Carbon Motors Blog

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