Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just sent a Twitter DM about his first year in office to 12.5 million people

Narendra Modi
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacts as he speaks to members of the Australian-Indian community during a reception at the Allphones Arena located at Sydney Olympic Park in western Sydney November 17, 2014. REUTERS/Rick Stevens

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just wrapped up his first year in office — the Hindu nationalist won a landslide and came into government on May 26 last year.

Despite the fact that he’s running a country where only about a fifth of the people are internet users, he’s one of the most forward-thinking world leaders on the use of social media for political campaigning.

To keep people up to date with what he’s doing, Modi used a method that’s not familiar to pretty much any other President or Prime Minister around the world — a direct message on Twitter. 

To all of his 12.5 million followers.

The DM sent Tuesday reads “My message on completion of One Year of Our Government,” along with a link to his own site

Here’s how that looks:

Modi one year

Some of his Twitter followers enjoying the occasion: 

Modi also sent out DMs en masse to publicise his manifesto pledges during the 2014 election. 

For a slightly more even-handed look at Modi’s record after a year in office, the Economist has a wide-ranging special report out this week too.

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