US Navy Commander: There 'Aren't Enough Ships And Aircraft In The World' To Search The Entire Indian Ocean For The Malaysia Flight

Malaysia(AP/Na Son Nguyen)A vessel is seen from an Antonov AN-26 aircraft of the Vietnam Air Force during a search operation for a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 over the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

A U.S. Navy commander who is aboard a ship that’s helping in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 didn’t sound very hopeful when he spoke to CNN.

Commander Williams J. Marks told Anderson Cooper that “there probably isn’t enough ships and aircraft in the world to search every inch of” the Indian Ocean, where the Boeing 777 might have disappeared.

Cooper asked how much optimism Marks and his crew have and whether or not the search area is well covered, to which Marks said: “The Indian Ocean goes so far, there probably isn’t enough ships and aircraft in the world to search every inch of it. … It’s kind of like saying ‘all right, I want to find a person somewhere in between New York and California, I just don’t know where they are.’ So that’s the challenge here.”

Marks also said that the first 72 hours were considered search-and-rescue, but that we’re “well past that now.”

Investigators have yet to find any trace of the plane, which vanished inexplicably more than a week ago while it was flying from Malaysia to Beijing, China.

Check out the video, via CNN:

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