Violent Monsoons In India Have Left Over 100 Dead And Thousands Stranded [Photos]

Some 150 people have died after heavy monsoon flooding in Uttarakhand, North India, according to The Indian Express. But officials believe the death toll could climb once the flood waters recede. 

Many of those impacted by the flooding and landslides were visiting Kedarnath, a Hindu temple in the Himalayas.

The floods that hit the North a few days ago have been dubbed the ‘Himalayan Tsunami’ and rescue operations are ongoing. 50,000 people in the state are believed to be stranded.

Other parts of India have also been hit by heavy monsoons.

The statue of a Hindu deity is submerged by flood waters of the river Ganges in Uttarakhand, India.

india flood

Homes were swept away in Uttarakhand, India as heavy monsoon rains caused the Ganges to swell. Heavy monsoons have also caused landslides.

india flood

Indian army soldiers were brought in to rescue stranded pilgrims and

indian army india flood

Trucks in New Delhi are seen submerged under flood waters of the river Yamuna.

india floods

Meanwhile, boys ride a bicycle through a flooded street in Mumbai.

india floods

Children play on a flooded street in Mumbai.

india floods

A child displaced by flood waters sits on a rickshaw by a makeshift tent in New Delhi.

india floods

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