PRESENTING: Horoscopes For Bureaucrats

Earlier today we looked inside Indian magazine Bureaucracy Today. One of our favourite sections of the magazine was the Horoscope for Bureaucrats.

This involves both professional and personal readings. Aquarius was one of our favourites:

“April will be an interesting month for bureaucrats from the professional angle. You will remain vibrant and there will be lots of activity at [the] work place. New opportunities will be knocking at your doorstep. [The] Office environment will be quite favourable. Financial gains will continue throughout the month. The success of your child in getting admission abroad for higher education will be a source of pleasure.”

So is Pisces:

“April will be a favourable month for bureaucrats from the professional angle. You will get much needed respite from mental tension. You will regain confidence and will find the road ahead easy to negotiate. You will get the support of your peers and superiors and will surge ahead with optimism. You will be in a position to give physical dimensions to some of your plans. Planets also indicate financial gains. You may plan buying jewelry or a new vehicle. There will be total harmony on the domestic front.”

bureaucracy today

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