Escaped Leopard Runs Through Hospital, Causes Schools And Colleges To Be Shut Down

A leopard was on the loose in Meerut, a city Northeast of India’s capital New Delhi on Sunday, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The leopard was first seen at a timber warehouse in the city but was startled as crowds started to gather.

It then ran into the Meerut Cantonment Hospital into a ward that contained three patients. The hospital is located in an army cantonment, and the leopard stayed inside a room till late on Sunday night.

Sanjiv Kumar of forest department told The Hindu that the leopard then jumped through glass panes and a concrete wall to escape.

Leopard attacks have become common as India’s burgeoning cities encroach on the natural habitat of leopards and other wild animals. It is believed that these animals come to cities in search of foods and prey on dogs and other animals as they lose their natural habitat.

Schools and colleges were closed. The Meerut leopard is believed to have attacked at least two people and is said to still be on the loose.

Here’s a video from NewsX that shows the leopard on the loose in Meerut:

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