India Has Blocked Some Of The World's Most Popular Websites Because Of A Threat From ISIS

The Indian government has reportedly blocked access to a series of websites because they contained “anti-India” content. 

Quartz is reporting that popular websites including Vimeo, Pastebin, GitHub, Dailymotion, Weebly, and have all been blocked in India.

It’s believed that the Indian government ordered the websites to be blocked after threats against the country purported to be posted by ISIS were found on them. 

Here’s what Indian internet users see when they try and access the blocked websites:

It doesn’t look like the block has extended to all of India, though. The Times of India is reporting that only certain internet service providers are blocking the list of sites.

Indian politician Arvind Gupta seemed to confirm the website blocks on Twitter, explaining that access to the sites had been cut off due to a warning from the Anti Terrorism Squad.

Code-sharing site GitHub has a long history of being blocked in countries around the world. It’s been temporarily blocked in both Russia and China after governments objected to some of the content found on the site.

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