Job-search giant Indeed is rolling out a new virtual interviewing technology to help people find work quickly

Thomas Trutschel / Contributor/Getty Images
  • Job sites are continuing to develop resources to help unemployed Americans find work.
  • Indeed, one of the largest job sites in the US, recently added a new virtual interviewing technology to help companies screen a large number of candidates for open roles.
  • Employers can pre-screen, interview, and message candidates directly using the technology.
  • The tool helps applicants move through the hiring process more quickly and target employers that are looking to fill roles right now, the company said in a statement.
  • The announcement comes at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and seeking work.
  • The aggregate total of people receiving unemployment benefits in the US totaled 17 million for the week that ended July 18, according to the Department of Labour.
  • Indeed recently partnered with Glassdoor, another major US job search tool, to allow employers to cross-promote their brands and their available job listings on both websites.
  • Applicants can sign up for virtual hiring events on
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