Incredibly,’s Readership Has Grown Since The Paywall Went Live

New York Times

Remember how the New York Times’ paywall was supposed to significantly hurt traffic?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Uniques are actually up, assistant managing editor Jim Roberts told a panel during the World Editors Forum.

“In September of 2010 versus 2011 there was a 2.3% increase to a total number of 34 million of US uniques,” he said.

Page views were also relatively stable. Roberts said international page views had fallen but that there was “very little decline domestically.”

There was no mention of advertising revenue, although Roberts said there were 224,000 paid digital subscribers. (He did not say whether that included people getting it for free through the Lincoln offering).

Roberts, who was initially against the paywall, said he and the newsroom are pleased with its success so far.

We would have to agree, although it has not been enough to save the company from another round of buyouts.