INCREDIBLE: This Bungee Jumper Survived A 360 Foot Fall After Her Cord Snapped

A 22-YEAR-OLD Australian tourist survived a New Year’s Eve bungee jumping accident which saw her plunge into a fast-moving, crocodile-infested African river.

Seeking a brief thrill, Erin Langworthy decided to partake in a bungee jump while on holiday in Zimbabwe, reports 9News in Australia.

On 31 December, she dived off the Victoria Falls bridge which sits about 111 metres above the Zambesi River on the border of Zambia.

About 25 metres above the water, disaster struck as her cord snapped and she plunged into the rapids below.

Not only did Erin Langworthy have to brave icy-cold water, crocodile-infested water, she did so with her two feet tied together and with the remainder of the cord attached to her body.

Amazingly, she suffered no major injuries.

Click on this link to see the whole event: Bungee jump

(Video from 9Australia News)

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