Magnified Photos Of Earth's Most Underappreciated Animals

We all have our favourite animals — these are usually soft, cuddly, and are able to show affection with great big licks.

The beauty of smaller, less fluffy animals, like bees and flies, however, is often unappreciated.

So in honour of Earth day, we have highlighted the amazing nature macro-photography of Karthik Keyan, of Coimbatore, India, who takes amazing close-up images of birds, spiders, and insects.

See more of Keyan’s images on his Flickr account.

This mud dauber wasp is carrying wet mud to build its nest.

A caterpillar resting on a stem.

A praying mantis chomping down on a spider.

A lady bird, a type of beetle related to the lady bugs that we know.

A small green leaf weevil.

This close-up portrait of a dragonfly makes it look like it is smiling.

This long-legged fly is giving the cameraman a death stare.

This is a robber fly, a notoriously aggressive insect that feeds on other insects.

This adorable damselfly is similar to a dragonfly.

This is a cuckoo bee about to feed on a plant. The cuckoo bee lays it's eggs in other bees' nests.

This aggressive bright green lynx spider is chowing down on a honeybee.

This colourful little guy is a crab spider.

A praying mantis hangs out on a branch.

This blue banded bee is native to Australia. They help pollinate at least 30% of crops in the region.

This is an adult male jumping spider.

These treehoppers are well-known for their distinctive headgear.

This is the wasp that preys on those jumping spiders — here with a fresh kill.

A close-up of a thirsty honeybee.

Here's another type of jumping spider — this one is an adult female.

Earth day isn't just about celebrating our planet, but preserving it.

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