11 new inventions that will restore your faith in human ingenuity

Kadoma Zome backyard swingKadoma ZomeEvery backyard should have one of these.

Humans are incredible animals. When we see a problem that needs solving, we don’t just suffer.

We build tools.

Here’s 11 inventions to remind you how ingenious we can be.

Don't you want this in-wall vacuum in your kitchen?

Every backyard should have a Kodama Zome.

This bracelet will give parents of young swimmers everywhere a little peace of mind.

Camping just got more social -- and drier.

This is a robot you put in your body.

MIT figured out how to get ketchup out of the bottle.

Tap a wall, turn on a light. Knock on a table, change the TV channel.

This machine turns food into gas to cook more food.

This credit card-sized piece of plastic can fix anything.

A 27-year-old made a personal recycling machine.

Scared of spiders, but don't want to kill them? Here's your gizmo.

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