Incredible GIF Shows Miguel Cabrera Hitting 6 Home Runs At Once

The GIF below, constructed by Drew Sheppard of, shows six of Miguel Cabrera’s home runs from the past year. While there are some locations that are worse than others, there are no good spots to pitch to the red-hot Cabrera.

All six of the home runs came on pitches outside of the strikezone in all directions. The farthest pitch from the strikezone was nine inches inside, and Cabrera hit the home runs in all different directions.

Cabrera is making a run for his second straight triple crown, currently leading the American League with a .377 average, 26 points higher than anybody else in baseball. His 14 home runs are two behind the league leader. And Cabrera’s 57 RBI has him on pace for 188 RBI, which would be the second-highest total ever.

At this point, pitchers might be better off just intentionally walking Cabrera every time he comes to bat. And even then, they better be careful not to throw those pitches too close to the plate…

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