Outfielder Makes An Incredible Catch To Win A Charity Wiffle Ball Tournament

A centerfielder sealed a charity wiffle ball victory in impressive fashion as he dived up and over the outfield fence to rob a home run this weekend.

Little Fenway, a one-quarter recreation of Boston’s Fenway park, hosted the 12th annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffleball Tournament. The event raises money for spinal cord research.

Little Fenway was built by Pat O’Connor at his Vermont home in 2001. The event is named after former Boston University hockey player Travis Roy, who was paralysed from the neck down in his first college game. After reading “Eleven Seconds”, E.M. Swift’s book about Roy, O’Connor pitched the idea of a charity tournament for Roy’s foundation.

The tournament has raised over $US2 million in its 12 years.

The video:

Deadspin notes that the play was originally ruled a home run but later changed to an out.

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