Increase revenue with interactive content

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, internet marketers and businesses tend to forget that content (in particular, blog posts) doesn’t have to be passive. We tend to think of content as a way to build up our online profile, build PageRank and authority, help with search engine optimization (SEO), and provide readers with something interesting and informative. Without doubt, content should be all that… but it can be more too.

The Internet is the perfect medium to create interactive content. Regardless of whether you are making a podcast, a video or a blog post, there is always scope to increase the level of reader engagement by adding one or more calls-to-action. More engagement means higher chances of converting, which means more revenue.

A good bit of content should be useful enough, interesting enough, newsworthy enough to illicit a reaction in the reader. This response can then be directed into an action that you wish to achieve – preferably something like a business objective. For example, one of the most common “calls-to-action” is asking readers to follow the author on twitter.

The above link provide a reasonable opportunity for readers to take action. There’s a promise of more valuable information from the author (in this case, “the online business specialist“), and it’s something that is quick and easy for readers to do.

Ok, so following someone on twitter is a fairly common call-to-action, and not really that earth shattering. There’s a lot more exciting things you can do to interact with readers. How about offering a competition? For example, there’s an open link bait writing competition that you can enter for the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift voucher, and the much more valuable prize of showing that you are the best content writer around – extremely useful for marketers and bloggers.

You can offer online tests and quizzes that can be both fun and informative for readers. For example, small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their internet marketing skills, and what better way to do it than taking a short, free internet marketing and online business skills quiz.

There are virtually unlimited ways to make your blog posts and content “interactive and engaging“. You might want to consider incentivizing useful comments by offering mystery prizes or discounts on your products or services. By encouraging people to make meaningful comments you help to draw them into your community more effectively. This increases your chances of making conversions drastically.

Why not share your ideas for effective calls-to-action by leaving a comment on this post? Together we can build up a comprehensive list of useful techniques for engaging readers. Your ideas will help make this post all the more popular and your name will be associated with it as a contributor of great ideas, through your comments.

While every piece of content can’t be written as a call-to-action, it is definitely worthwhile adding some form of interaction, every now and then. Make it fun or rewarding for the reader to become involved. The more you can encourage positive contributions to your community, the more credibility and authority you will generate and this will have an impact on your bottom line.