Incoming Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Criticised For Celebrating His 8-Year-Old Daughter's 'Burnouts'

AMEP supporters hold signs at rerun of the Senate Election in WA. Photo: Facebook/Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

Federal senator-elect Ricky Muir has sparked a national controversy after he posted a video of his 8-year-old daughter driving a car and doing “burnouts”.

As a representative of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party which has recently promoted a “national conversation” about safer driving, the NRMA says the video is sending the wrong message to children.

“Teaching young kids burnouts is probably not the right road safety message to get across. A car is not a toy. It’s a big missile and if it’s used wrongly, it can be dangerous,” NRMA president Wendy Machin said.

Muir has refused to speak with media but founder of the AMEP, Keith Littler, has defended his colleague and said it should not detract from his party’s messages about safe driving.

Muir is one of the key senators Tony Abbott will need to win over when new Senate convenes in July.

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