Incase Introduces Ultra-Sleek New Headphones To Go With Their Ultra-Successful Cases

incase headphones

Photo: Incase

We wouldn’t ordinarily write about new headphones, but Incase happens to be one of the best and most successful case-makers for portable deviecs.It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Incase Apple’s favourite laptop case maker. Just look at how much Incase stuff is at Apple stores.

Incase’s new line of headphones includes four types of minimalist high-performance headphones: the Pivot (lightweight on-ear), Capsule (ear bud), Reflex (on-ear), and Sonic (over-ear).

The new line of headphones, dubbed Soundesign, hopes to deliver a high quality listening experience that’s balanced and does not accentuate aspects of music artifically (like one could say about Dr. Dre Beats headphones).

Incase’s incredible attention to detail always catches our eyes (as does their choice to always use beautiful contrasting colours), and we expect as much from their headphone line coming Fall of this year.

There are no details yet on pricing.

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