In Times Of Crisis, Kiwis And Aussies Come Together... To Take The Puss On Reddit

Here’s a nice snapshot that proves Australians and New Zealanders do love each other after all.

Yesterday’s monster quake in Chile resulted in a tsunami warning for the Pacific and New Zealand in particular, raising the spectre of the 1868 tsunami which struck New Zealand’s Chatham Islands and the Banks peninsula.

Australia was barely in the firing line. Or, as Kiwis posting on Reddit’s Australia subreddit saw it: Don’t worry, Straya, we got you covered – Love, Noo Zulund… – posted with the accompanying image:

Immediately, Aussies and Kiwis got to work with the kind of banter that only comes from being united by the tyranny of distance, sport, bizarre animals and even stranger accents.

The last time we checked, the post had pulled 158 comments. That wouldn’t raise a blip on Reddit’s front page radar, but at reddit australia, it’s about two or three times as popular as a regular big-hitter.

And as far as reading comment threads goes, it’s not the worst way to spend a few minutes.

Probyn caught the mood best:

There was, obviously, plenty of taking the puss out of iccents:

Obligatory references to dangerous native fauna:

Cultural differences:

And a conspiracy theory with a genuine End of Kiwi Days scenario worse than any natural disaster:

But we liked the sound of “operation meat shield” best:


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